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The Different Types of Projectors

Projectors are now considered as the best media to share information through presentations. To cater to different needs of the people different types of Projectors are available in the market with advanced features. The different types of projectors are:- ອ່ານຕໍ່

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Latest Android Apps to Know About

Here is the list of latest free releases in the Android apps - Top New Free Android Apps on Google. But if you are looking for the best applications from the millions, continue to read further. The list in this article will help you find some of the best Android applications of all times that can be used with all features without paying a single penny. ອ່ານຕໍ່

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Amazon Buys Digital-Video Startup Elemental Technologies

Though terms of the deal haven’t been released, media reports state that Amazon Web Services is putting down $500 million in cash for Elemental. That Oregon-based Company specializes in software that reformats video destined for traditional networks such as cable, satellite or over-the-air broadcast for distribution to PCs, smart phones, tablets and TVs. Through the acquisition, the software will now be paired with Amazon Web Services’ cloud platform to offer media and entertainment companies a range of integrated solutions to scale video infrastructures. ອ່ານຕໍ່

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Intel to start manufacturing high end Intel® Xeon® processors for mobile computers.

The increase in digital creation of high definition videos, digital design by creative professionals and engineers has created a need for workstation class capabilities in a portable device. Intel has decided to kick in with plans to bring the power of Intel® Xeon® processors to notebook PCs for the first time. Intel will soon be launching the Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1500M v5 Product Family. ອ່ານຕໍ່

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Google brings Voice typing into its Google Docs – just dictate it.

From their blog they added “Voice typing has helped change the way we work on the go (when it’s easier to talk than type). We’re now bringing that innovation to the web, where improvements to voice transcription make even long-form dictation, like sharing your brainstorming ideas with teammates around the world, a breeze.” ອ່ານຕໍ່

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Huawei ເປີດໂຕ Huawei Mate S ຢ່າງເປັນທາງການ ມາພ້ອມກັບໜ້າຈໍແບບ Force Touch

ຫລັງຈາກທີ່ມິຂາວລື ແລະ ພາບລຸດອອກມາ, ໃນທີ່ສຸດ Huawei Mate S ສະມາດໂຟນສຸດພີມ້ຽມ ກໍ່ໄດ້ຖືກເປີດໂຕອອກມາຢ່າງເປັນທາງການແລ້ວໃນງານ IFA 2015 ຊຶ່ງມີດີຊາຍສວຍງາມ, ຫລູຫລາ ແລະ ໃຊ້ວັດສະດຸໂລຫະດ້ານຫຼັງໂຄງເຫຼັກນ້ອຍ ຮັບກັບຝາມື ຕົວເຄື່ອງອອກແບບມາໃຫ້ບາງທີ່ສຸດ ໂດຍມີຂອບບາງພຽງ 2.65 ມມ ເທົ່ານັ້ນ. ອ່ານຕໍ່

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